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Replacement Of All House Locks


Replacement Of All House Locks

Service: Lock Replacement

Location: Table View

Skill: Picking & Key Cutting

Justine Mobile Locksmiths in Table View

Justine Mobile Locksmiths have gained a good client base in Cape Town.  We save our repeat customers telephone numbers on our mobile.  A repeat customer of ours keeps our number on her speed dial.  The address is saved in our navigation device so no need to ask for the address every time.

The customer is a resident of Table View in Cape Town and calls us to replace a couple of locks one afternoon.  The client mentioned three locks to be replaced.  A few keys have gone missing from her bunch of keys and they are concerned about their security.  We can assist our customer the same day as our 24 hours locksmith service is available.

We have been to this property before and we are confident that we can help her with the change of three locks.  This is a very big concern for the customer to have the locks replaced the same day.  We agreed with our customer that we will be on site in approximately 35 minutes.

Our mobile technicians were travelling from Melkbosstrand to Table View and arrived on site in the stipulated time.

Once we are on site Charmaine and I ask the customer where to begin.  First is the back aluminium door lock which needs to be replaced.  There is an interleading garage door which has a security gate behind it.  I return to the van and collect the three locks.  We also need our cordless drill, the tool box and consumables to get through this work.  We replace the first lock in a couple of seconds test the new keys and make some adjustments to the latch.  The customer was having to pull up the handle to latch the door into the frame.  All done.

The second lock is a wooden door lock which needs to be replaced.  We work as a team on every job and I hand the necessary tools to Charmaine as we go along.  The gate lock is replaced quickly and the key tested both sides.

The customer has changed her mind and would like a few more locks replaced.  We are fully equipped to help in these circumstances and provide you with great service.

The next few locks we need to change is a slam lock.  These locks come standard with two keys.  The customer needs 4 keys per lock.  We have our key cutting machine available in the van and we will cut the keys once we are done changing all the locks. Aluminium door lock in the lounge. We get this done quickly and also need to cut an extra key for this lock.  The next door is the front door which has two locks on it.  The customer wanted the top lock replaced and this is standard with two keys.

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