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Bathroom Door Lock Replaced


Bathroom Door Lock Replaced

Service: Lock Replacement

Location: Grotto Bay

Skill: Picking & Key Cutting

Emergency Residential Locksmiths On Site

We specialise in residential locksmith services 24 hours a day.  Our customers who have met us know that we do not fool around on site or take up customers time at their homes.  We like to get in and get out quickly and let you get on with your day.  We have received a call to assist an owner who resides in Grotto Bay to have a bathroom door lock replaced.

The toilet door lock has already locked a guest inside a few days ago and fortunately there was a window to use as an exit.  This was a concern to the people living there and they now needed this lock fixed.

I spoke with the owner and we arranged an appointment for the afternoon to come through and do the work.  Our mobile technicians are available all day to assist with lock problems.  When you call Justine Mobile Locksmiths we have our vehicle fully equipped and ready for any residential work.

The timing was perfect and we met up with the owner on site.  On our telephone conversation I have already received the information of what we need to do here.  I have the tools and stock in my hands and take it with the first time we leave our car and enter the house.  A yellow piece of paper with stuck on the door saying “please knock key broken”.  People like their privacy when using a bathroom and therefore this sign was applicable at that time.

Charmaine and I get started immediately on removing the broken door lock with handles and after seeing the condition of the old lock it is obvious why the lock gave up.  The handles for this lock are stainless steel and need to be removed.  This is how we remove the lock inside.  Wear and tear is a very common occurance with these locks, they can give a problem at any time.  Experienced locksmiths choose brands that are good quality for your doors and this is a result of good workmanship.  Every house has a bathroom with a door with a key.

Bathroom door locks can be different in your house but as long as it in good working condition then you have nothing to worry about.  Whichever lock you have on your toilet door our locksmith technicians have the skill and knowledge to replace it on site.  Get in touch with Justine Mobile Locksmiths to fix or open your toilet lock.

Our locksmith technicians use good quality replacement locks.  Door locks are slammed by accident and become loose or fall apart.  Keys break off from wear and tear.  Locks are made up of wafers and springs and are connected to a variety of small parts.  This lock has a latch and bolt that opens and locks the door.  The key broke off and the lock no longer wanted to work.  There is nothing wrong with this door all the hinges are in place and It hangs correctly.

We install the new lock in a matter of minutes and clean up the few odds and ends from the floor.  The customer tests the new lock which is working perfectly.

An experienced locksmith from our team has the knowledge of replacing locks at your home.

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