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Locked Out On The Balcony


Locked Out On The Balcony

Service: Key Replacement

Location: Parklands

Skill: Picking & Key Cutting

Experienced residential locksmiths – Justine mobile locksmiths in Cape Town

Does this sound familiar?  Our customers get themselves into strange situations with residential lockouts.

Justine mobile locksmiths in Cape Town are very reliable with helping new customers get back safely inside their homes.

This particular situation was a lady that called us on a Sunday morning that needed a locksmith near me in Parklands.  Her friend called on her behalf as her phone battery was about to go flat.  It happens so quickly when you get locked out.  Our team of experienced residential locksmiths are very reliable with emergency locksmith callouts in Parklands and surrounding areas.  The mobile team are driving from Melkbosstrand and arrive in Parklands within 20 minutes.  An emergency callout is all about the customer and we aim to be with you quickly.

We know the complex as we have assisted another client there recently.  Also with residential locksmith services.

Once on site we know which tools to use for this job.  We have to open a security gate lock and wooden door lock.

I call the customer who is stuck on the balcony to let her know we are outside her unit.  The expert locksmith on site picks open the gate lock in a matter of seconds with her tools.   No damage done to the first lock.  The wooden door lock has a key from the inside of the lock.

Charmaine our master locksmith unlocks the front door with the key on the inside in a few seconds.  The skills that we have gained over the years has been to provide you with professional locksmith services.  Nothing stops our technicians from getting you back into your home.  We get our customers back into their homes as quickly as possible.  Once the locks are open and we enter the apartment we can see the customer standing on the balcony.  The sliding door has locked her out on the balcony.  We open the sliding door for the customer who is standing in her towel with her phone.

The customer is very happy and satisfied to see female locksmiths assisting her on this one.  From the time of the call it took our technicians 30 minutes in total to achieve a successful emergency lockout.  This is quite quick and traffic also plays a big part.

Our mobile locksmiths are available 24 hours in Cape Town

Residential lockouts is one of our specialities.  It has been part of our mobile services for many years.  Justine Mobile Locksmiths are quick and reliable with any type of lockouts.  We understand the feeling a customer goes through once they have locked themselves out or in their homes.

We are experts in opening locks with keys on the inside of the door.  This comes with knowledge and many years of experience.  Our tools are all readily available to do the job efficiently.  We are very attached to emergency locksmith callouts and this is one of our specialities.

Call Justine Locksmiths to provide you with quick and dependable locksmith services.

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