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Residential Locksmiths

Residential Locksmiths

Our mobile technicians are fully equipped to deal with your home lock requirements. We unlock security gates and any door that has locked you out.  Being locked inside your apartment is another service we offer.  Getting you back into your house or apartment is what we do best.  Our female locksmith technicians have more than 30 years of experience in residential lockouts.  Our emergency services in Cape Town are reliable and professional.

The locks at your home have one important use and that is to lock or unlock your doors or gates with no difficulty. If any of your locks at home have jammed and will not open then you need a professional from Justine Locksmiths to get the door open and replace the lock.  Perhaps there is a broken off key inside a security gate lock, we specialise in the extraction of broken off keys.  We remove the broken piece and test the lock with your spare key. When your key has broken inside the lock this can be frustrating at times and you know that you need to have a locksmith to assist you, rest assured our mobile service is fully equipped to rectify your residential lock problems.  We supply the fitment of bedroom door keys when they go missing.  Any internal locks inside your house that need to be replaced can be done by our expert residential locksmith service.  We do all the work ourselves and have valuable knowledge in residential locksmith services.

If you have any aluminium door locks that are sticking or giving problems then you can rely on our services to fix and repair these.  The handles may be worn or rusted or the lock has not been opened in a long time.  We will get the lock open and provide the correct replacement on site.  We change and supply you with new locksets while we are at your location.  We provide a same day service during office hours.

Do you need another lock fitted to a door that is needing extra security. We provide a deadbolt lock fitment as an additional lock at your home. Please enquire online for your options available or contact me today.

For a residential locksmith near you in Cape Town please get in touch today.

Residential lockouts are a daily occurrence anywhere in the world and it happens to anyone at anytime and we look forward to helping you as quickly as possible. We offer a quick and reliable residential lockout service, we do the work ourselves and have more than 30 years of experience to get you back into your home.  We are qualified and accredited technicians and provide the best residential locksmith services in Cape Town.

It is a great idea to change the locks to your home once in a while,  a refresh of new keys will keep you secure and only you will know how many spare keys are available to doors.  If you are moving house then we highly recommend a change of locks to front and back doors.  Residential locks play a very important part in our lives.  From a bathroom door lock to a front door lock.  They must all be in working order to prevent a lockout or locked inside situation.

Justine Mobile Locksmiths can assist you today with your residential locksmith needs.  We look forward to helping you with your lock problems at home.

Residential Enquiry

Our mobile units are equipped with key cutting services on site and this provides a customer with extra potential to have spare keys cut and save you the hassle of driving around for this service.

We have 30 years of experience with locks and keys and no matter what time of day or night we provide a quick and reliable locksmith service.

For any residential locksmith requirements please get in touch today.

With our knowledge and skills in the locksmith industry you can rely on our mobile technicians to fix any lock at your home we strive to keep our customers happy and confident to use our services again.

Our mobile services cover the following areas:

  • Burgundy Estate
  • Century City
  • Milnerton
  • Edgemead
  • Blouberg
  • Tableview
  • Sunningdale
  • Parklands North
  • Durbanville